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Every so often, I get an offer from someone to buy — usually some upstart techie who wants to capitalize on the word cloud.  They always offer me a laughable amount of money for a domain I’ve owned since the 90s.  I don’t always use it well, but occasionally I get the motivation to clean it up and try to make something of it.  That’s where I am again, but I’ve also switched hosting companies to (hopefully) make things easier.  The inspiration for that is I’ve started a small business of my own:  little black raincloud.  I have the urge to make things of all kinds and project hop too often, but painting onesies for a niche market that I love has turned out to be something I think I can sustain.  I’ve been making them for friends and family off and on through the years and finally bought some equipment to make it easier and have a long list of things to learn more about that would speed up the process for me without losing any of the quality I want it to have.

I started it on a whim and now have nearly sold all my stock by doing.. well, nothing.  I just put it on Etsy and they keep selling, each time surprising me.  I’ve got notebooks full of ideas and more to create and now that the semester is over my work world slows down significantly and I might have evenings and weekends to myself again.

My intention is for this to be a personal blog, although I have no idea what I’ll write about.  I’ve found myself frustrated with other social media outlets — sometimes I want to say more than Twitter allows or something I don’t necessarily want to post to Facebook.  I imagine I’ll try to document my crafting adventures, as painting onesies is only one of the gajillions of crafts I do, and maybe document other things I love — food, games, spending time with friends, my families.  We’ll see.

So here’s to a new start!  Wish me luck. :)


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