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    forgiveness, grace and kindness

    We go to the farmer’s market every Saturday we can, both the small one in our town and the bigger one in Wabash. What I don’t grow myself, we supplement from the local farmers and we’ve made friends there with many of the vendors. We did that again this morning, including breakfast at our favorite dive and came home to spend a quiet Saturday working in the yard. Without going into too much detail, the husbot has been in conflict with a young man who lives in a rental house 2 doors down from us since early in the summer. Rob said something about the way he was skulking in…

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    Just a city girl living in a cornfield, wondering how I got here.

    I wrote in the best Facebook group on the planet recently: I’m a city girl just living in a cornfield, wondering how I got here. I was giving someone advice to check their local farm and fleet store for something and I realized in that moment that I should be writing more of this crap down, because I amuse myself really often. And that maybe someone else could relate to being a city girl – someone who loves to travel, will eat anything at least once, who reads and works on her cultural competence and growth in social justice, who can navigate public transit in a new city without blinking…

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    Every so often, I get an offer from someone to buy raincloud.net — usually some upstart techie who wants to capitalize on the word cloud.  They always offer me a laughable amount of money for a domain I’ve owned since the 90s.  I don’t always use it well, but occasionally I get the motivation to clean it up and try to make something of it.  That’s where I am again, but I’ve also switched hosting companies to (hopefully) make things easier.  The inspiration for that is I’ve started a small business of my own:  little black raincloud.  I have the urge to make things of all kinds and project hop…